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Tactical Shooting Update: Another “Introduction to Tactical Competition” Training session will be held at CFGPA!  This session is being split over two evenings: Aug 10th and 17th. This WILL include the CASE qualifier.  Check out for details and email Vince to register.

Make sure you sign up for Tac Shooting updates at so you get the invite to matches!

See you out there soon!

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What is Tactical Shooting??

For us at CFGPA, it is a dynamic shooting competition using centre fire semi automatic (sorry no .22 LR or other rimfire).  The most popular rifle tends to be an AR type but other semi autos are used from SKSs to Tavors, CZ 858s, M14s and rifles that fire pistols cartridges are also employed.  We have also introduced multigun, adding pistols and shotguns to our matches!

Out of the box stock as well as fully customized rifles are allowed. The main rule is to end the complete event with the same set-up with which the shooter started.  No accessory can be removed mid-way.  Note that all legal magazines are permitted giving a potential advantage to those firearms that can accept pistol magazines.

Often range visits can consist of shooting entirely from a stationary position. Tactical Rifle Events are designed to allow shooters to use their rifles with more physical interaction. Shooting from various positions, from behind cover, or on the move, all promote this goal. With these new skills, range visits need not be relegated to just bench-shooting.  Shooters can practice new techniques using the rifle and Limited Distance Ranges.

The organizers welcome shooters from any background or expertise level. Our overall goal is to create an additional experience for club members to use their sporting rifles, at a SAFE, and fun-filled event.

Chilliwack Tactical Rifle Event History
It was on August 22, 2010, with the assistance and guidance of past president, Paul Dulong, when the Board of Directors approved the 1st Tactical Rifle event. Since then, multiple events have been taken place with participation steadily growing.

At Chilliwack we put the “Tactical” in Tac Rifle, and the rules of the match reflect this. Many of you may not be familiar with some of these rules so we will explain them here. Firstly, we use IDPA targets but they are scored 0, 3, and 5. Secondly, there are no restrictions on magazines, anything legal for civilian use is acceptable. Participants are welcome to wear any tactical gear they wish as long as it is not a safety concern.  Armour and camo are no problem. If it is legal, safe and hopefully fun, it is all good. Please leave your pistols at home as this is only a rifle match.

The stages will often demand the use of tactics, particularly using cover and the order in which targets must be engaged. Failing to employ these tactics will result in procedural penalties of 5 seconds per infraction. Competitors will have to shoot targets in tactical sequence or tactical priority on some stages. The event ROs will ensure you all understand these concepts

To increase the challenge, there is no air gunning allowed. “Air gunning” is the act of firing all or portions of the stage with a hand or pointed finger within stage boundaries.  The RO will provide a walk-through of all the stages with competitors permitted to view each target from the shooting position. Given that air gunning is a difficult habit to break, for this match, each shooter will get one warning.  Subsequent infractions will result in a forfeiture of the stage.

In addition to CQB stages, you will be shooting out to 200 meters.  Remember, you have to use the same rifle and equipment for all stages; nothing may be added or removed for any stage!

Chilliwack Tac matches are designed to challenge multiple tactical operator skills beyond simple speed and accuracy. You will have to shoot at distance and close range. You will have to tactically assess scenarios keeping in mind the use of cover and the order in which targets must be engaged. Most importantly, you will have fun!

What do I need to bring?
• Match fee (usually $30-$40 or so)
• CASE Card (if you already have it) and PAL
• Lunch or snacks and water. Don’t underestimate your need for hydration!
• A reliable semi-auto center-fire firearm. Pistol calibre carbines are acceptable.
• 6 or more 5 round magazines (each stage may require up to 26 rounds, 6 or more magazines gives you a spare one in case you fumble or have a malfunction)
• Alternatively, if your firearm accepts pistol magazines: 4 or more 10 round magazines.
• 200 rounds of ammunition (You will have more than enough).
• High Visibility Chamber Flag (we will have some available for $5 at the event)
• Eye and Hearing Protection
• Quality boots or shoes (It can get muddy and the ground is not even – hiking boots are great!)
• Load bearing gear to hold 5+ magazines (cargo pants with leg pockets can work if you’re new, they’ll just be slower than a dedicated belt or chest rig)
• Appropriate outdoor clothing – we shoot rain or shine

All participants will be eligible for prizes provided by our sponsors. Prizes are not awarded to the best shooters; rather they are raffled off so everybody has a chance.


Vince LeBlanc