About Us

The Club offers a variety of facilities:

  • Trap Range with 3 Walkups
  • Rifle and Pistol Range to 200 meters
  • Archery Range
  • Blackpowder Trail Walk
  • Indoor 22 Rifle Range
  • Pistol Range

The Story of Our Club

The roots of the Chilliwack Fish and Game Protective Association go back a long way. The first mention of a Chilliwack Game Association appears about 1905 with members expressing concerns about fish and wildlife conservation and particularly about the spearing of fish and the commercial sale of wild ducks.

An initial meeting concerning the formation of the Chilliwack Fish and Game Association took place in 1927 and the first Steelhead Derby took place in 1928.

In 1936 the club was officially registered as The Chilliwack Fish and Game Protective Association with a formal Constitution and Bylaws. At that time the group met monthly in the District of Chilliwack council chambers.

By the 1950’s the members were starting to think about their own club house and range facilities. Funds were raised and in 1963 the property on Chilliwack Lake Road was purchased. Work then went forward on the building of a club house and range facilities. Many improvements were made over the years and additions and improvements are still going on.

The club has been active in many wildlife enhancement initiatives over the years including a pheasant rearing program, goose nesting platforms, the wood duck nesting box program, that is still going on, the Ryder Creek fish habitat improvement project and many more.

Firearms safety training has also been an important initiative of the club and several members are qualified as instructors for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and the CORE program.

The Club House

Both the range and the club house are rented out to various groups both for shooting events, such as RCMP training, and for social events such as weddings and reunions. Rentals are arranged through the rentals coordinator.

Camping Area

The club grounds include a camping area that may be used by members and other groups by special arrangements with the rentals coordinator.